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Welcome to Aaron Notary Services, Florida. A notary public is a public officer appointed and commissioned by the Governor whose function is to administer
oaths; to take acknowledgments of deeds and other instruments; to attest to or certify photocopies of certain documents; and to perform other duties specified by law.
If you wish to become a notary public in Florida, all you have to do is simply fill out some forms & submit your originals. You can also download free notary forms & fill them out later at your convenience.
Aaron Notary will then take care of the rest. The following links will help you find applications for sources & information on Florida notary public services.

1 CLICK HERE TO: Become a Florida Notary
  The above link lets you fill out the application to become a notary public in Florida. This page contains step by step details of how you should proceed to apply for a Florida Notary. Check out the link in detail.

2 CLICK HERE TO: Renew your Florida Notary Commission
  If you are already a Florida notary public, you need to renew your notary commission so that you are granted the necessary rights from time to time. Click on the above link to renew your commission.

3 CLICK HERE TO: Change the name on your Florida Notary Commission
Download free notary forms for changing your name on your Florida Notary Public commission.

4 CLICK HERE TO: Change your address on your Florida Notary Commission
  Download free notary forms to make changes on your Florida Notary Public commission.

5 CLICK HERE TO: Complete a free on-line Notary Education Class
To become a notary public in Florida, you need to have essential notary education that will enable you to understand how the procedure works & what will be your duties as a notary public. Check out the above link for details on free online notary education course.

6  CLICK HERE FOR: Pricing information
Find out the cost of notary public commission issue. The above link gives you details of pricing information and complete application to become a Florida notary public.

7 CLICK HERE TO: Order a replacement or extra stamp
For ordering an extra or replacing a lost or stolen notary stamp in Florida, fill out the request form by clicking on the above link.

8 More information about Florida Notary